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BG William Crews McCulloch was appointed National Commander of the American Volunteer Reserve in September 2005 upon the retirement of National Commander, Michael R. S. Teilmann. McCulloch previously served as Commander of the 6th Brigade, American Volunteer Reserve, covering New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

McCulloch’s military experience includes more than 24 years of duty in a variety of command and staff positions with the active Air Force and Army; Army Reserve; Texas State Guard; and contract work for the Department of Defense.

He was born near Hayti, Missouri, grew up on a cotton farm and graduated from Gideon High School, Gideon, Missouri in May, 1950. The Korean War started in June, 1950. McCulloch wanted to fly and joined the Air Force. He immediately applied for flight school, was selected, but informed that the wait for an opening could be 2 or 3 years. At that time an individual with a high school diploma was eligible for Air Force flight school or Officer Candidate School. However, many with college degrees had enlisted in the Air Force to avoid being drafted into the Army or Marine Corps. These were given priority for the openings in officer candidate school and flight school.

The Army needed officers. McCulloch transferred to the Army, attended Signal Officer Candidate School, was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant, and served as platoon leader in a radio relay company for the remainder of the Korean War. When the War ended in July 1953 he requested release from active duty to attend college. He was released from active duty, enrolled as an engineering student at Southeast Missouri State University, and assigned to an Active Army Reserve Unit in the Corps of Engineers.

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